saying bye-bye to my braillenote

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Fri Nov 4 15:26:42 MST 2005

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Hi all.

As some of you may or may not know, I am moving out of the state of Illinois. Regretfully, this means that I must return the braillenote that was loaned to me, back to the state, which I will be doing this Monday. As far as I know, the only ways for me to have another unit to work with would be to go back to school in Arizona, (which is where I'm moving to), or to get a job where I could justify to the state of Arizona, or to my employer a need for a braillenote, and what I want for myself in life doesn't involve doing either of these in the near future. There is of course a third way for me to get a braillenote, and that would involve my plans turning out the way I want them to, so that I would become successful enough in a business a friend and I are talking about starting up, to be able to afford a braillenote of my very own.

I will still continue to run the lists for the project, as long as we are all still here. However, J. R., and Sabahattin will be the only ones left with braillenotes from this Monday on.


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