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Mon Jun 11 13:22:34 MST 2012

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Hello all.

I thought I would announce an ad hoc ballot, and perhaps generate some
list traffic (grin). I am about to acquire a new domain name, which
will be 11 characters in length compared to the 18 character length of
my current domain name. On the one hand, this list is quite
apparently being indexed by search engines under the current domain
name. On the other hand, if both notelinux lists were moved to the new
domain, the list addresses would be easier to memorize, and to type.

So, I am proposing a two part ballot. The first question was asked
once before with no responses.

1. Should both notelinux lists continue to be maintained, or should I
archive them, and consign them to the internet's past?

2. If both lists should continue to exist, should they remain under, or should they both be moved to the new shorter
domain name I am about to acquire?

Voting will close on June 18th, at 20:00 UTC. If there is a tie, or
there are no responses either way, both lists will continue to exist,
and will be moved to the new domain name. I will post again at the end
of the voting period to announce/confirm further action. Since
everyone on the notelinux-devel list is also subscribed here, this
message will not be posted there. If anyone here has an opinion, let
your voice be heard during the next 7 days.


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