line length calculation program Welcome to the line length calculation program (lnlength.bas) written by Gregory Nowak. To use this program you will need the files run.bns and lnlength.bas loaded into your unit. If you're not sure how to load programs into your unit or how to run programs in your unit, please refer to your unit's owner's manual. What this program does? This program will tell you the length of a line(s) in the file of your choice. When you first run the program, you will see a sign-on message after which the program will ask you to press any key to continue. After you press a key, the program will ask you for the name of the file to count the lines in. Enter a name of the file as you would normally enter the name of any file in your unit (? and * cannot be used in this field). After you enter the file name press e-chord. Next, the program will ask you for the line number to count characters in. You can either type a number here as a dropped number (number written in dropped dots, for example dots 3-5-6 for a 0), or you can type a 0 to hear the count of characters in every line in the file. After you type a number, press an e-chord. At this point, if you typed a 0, you will hear the length of each line to the end of the file. If you typed some other number, the program will click with every line processed, until it reaches the line you requested. Please note that if your double speed processor is turned on, the clicking will be rapid. Don't think something is wrong with the unit, the program still works as it should. A note of warning. Please note that the number of lines counted by your unit's move command will not correspond to the number of lines seen by the program. I do not know the reason for this. My only guess is that it's something in the way the run.bns program reads lines from a file. A note to basic programmers. This program is especially useful to find out if any lines in your code are more then 128 characters in length before running the compile.bns program. This program is distributed under the gnu general public license, which means you can give copies to your friends or neighbors under certain conditions (see copying.txt in the zip file for details.) If you have any bugs to report, comments, improvements, suggestions ETC. please contact Gregory Nowak.

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