Upper To Lower Case Converter BY Gregory Nowak This program (up2lowc.bas) converts a braille file sent from a braille-aware device (such as a computer with a braille translator) to the BNS/blt. from uppercase to lower case. For example, ou is received as \ instead of ou, dots 4-5 is received as ^ instead of dots 4-5. To run this program you will need the files run.bns and up2lowc.bas loaded into your unit. If you're not sure about how to load/run programs, please refer to your unit's manual. When you run the program, you will be asked for the name of the file to process and for the name of the file into which you would like to place the processed output. PLEASE NOTE that if you already have a file in your unit with the same name as the output file, the contents of the existing file with the same name will be overwritten by the new file. Please also note that this program was primarily written for the bns and blt. It was not meant for use on a tns, although nothing terribly tragic should happen if the program is run on a tns. This program is distributed under the gnu general public license, which means you can give copies to your friends or neighbors under certain conditions (see copying.txt in the zip file for details.) If you have any comments, bugs or suggestions concerning this program, please contact Gregory Nowak.

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