vsetdef.bas BY Gregory Nowak Welcome to the vsetdef program. This program will reset any of your unit's five voices to their defaults. To run the program, you will need "run.bns" and "vsetdef.bas" loaded into your unit. If you're not sure how to load files into your unit, or how to run external programs, please consult your unit's user's manual. Before running the program, make sure to set your unit's voice (not available in units running revisions earlier then 1996) to the voice you would like to reset. When you run the program, the unit will display a sign-on message, and ask you to please wait. After a few seconds, your unit will say that the voice should now be reset to its factory defaults, and then the program will exit. Please note that only the frequency, pitch, rate and volume will be reset. Every other setting will be just as it was before you ran the program. I hope that you will find this program useful. If you have any questions, comments, bugs or suggestions, please contact the author.

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