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Sabahattin Gucukoglu mail at
Tue Aug 26 03:39:57 MST 2003

Hi everyone,

I should first like to let everyone here know that efforts in the project 
are still ongoing in the back; rest assured, inspirations are being made 
and technical work attempted for the project so that all of us here, who 
truely appreciate the social, economic and technical benefits of open 
source, can enjoy a BrailleNote as seemless, powerful and economical as 
PulseData itself could ever wish for.  [Sorry about that, but this is what 
has to get sent to announce lists. <grin>]

Please can I remind developers on the project, who might miss any 
technical discussion, that Greg's development list is still available for 
subscription and use.  The notelinux-devel list is a moderated-
subscription list, but submit the subscription request in the usual way: 
Send a blank message to notelinux-devel-subscribe at  This 
list can then receive more technical inspiration and discussion, as 
opposed to this list which - at the moment - resembles a low-volume 
announcement and non-technical view list, on which considerable restraint 
is necessary to facilitate less cluttered mailboxes for those uninterested 
in technical chitter-chatter.

I myself am destined to make repostings to the devel list, noting that no-
one has responded to them, and will make more higher-level suggestions and 
comments regarding the user interface part of the BrailleNote to this list 
for any less technical commentary.  Developers - please join me; audience -
 please cast your wishes on this list for anything we bring up regarding 
less technical issues.



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