keynote sa driver in speakup, and progress with PDI

Gregory Nowak greg at
Thu Nov 6 13:56:50 MST 2003

Hello all.

Long time, and no hear.

I just wanted to mention for the benefit of those not on the speakup
list, that there is now a keynote pc driver included in the cvs
version of speakup. Kirk has also said that he is willing to work on a
keynote sa driver, if there is interest.

So, I would suggest that anybody who would be interested in using
their braille/voice note with speakup, write to the speakup list, and
make your interest heard.

Also, J. R. is still trying to get the info that we need from
PDI. They seem to be a bit slow in communicating with us, but we're
not giving up yet. I'm sure that J. R. will jump in if I didn't
mention something, or if I mentioned something incorrectly.


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