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Mon Jun 18 13:25:18 MST 2012

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Hi all.

Since there were no responses to this, and the voting period is over,
I will be moving both notelinux lists to my new domain as stated,
which is So, please make sure that mail from the new list
addresses doesn't go to your spam folder. Those would be what they are
now, but ending in instead of

I want to try and make the change tomorrow, but am not sure if I will
be able to get to it. I will post to both lists right before I start
making changes, and will post again to both once the changes have been
made. The former posting will come from the current domain, and the
latter posting will come from the new domain. So, if you get the first
post, but not the second even though it shows up in the list archives,
please check your spam folder. I think that will be all for
now. Thanks for reading, and I'll post again once I start moving
things to the new domain.


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