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Sun Jun 24 14:10:02 MST 2012

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Hello everyone.

As announced earlier, I am starting the roll over of both notelinux
lists over to right now. If I do things right, mail you send to
list addresses at should still show up, until the
domain roll over is complete, but please don't do that unless you have
a really good reason for it. I will post again when both lists have
been rolled over to If you get this message, but don't get
the next message, even though it shows up in the archives at[-devel]/ please make sure
your spam filters allow mail from the domain

Along with my switch over to the new domain, I have also decided to
stop automatically signing messages with gpg. So, my next message will
not be signed, even though it will come from me. For those of you who
I keep in touch with privately, you can still keep using the old address, since I'll still hang on to that
domain. If you don't keep me in your address book, and want to save
yourself some typing, just replace with
to reach me. Ok, I think that's all I wanted to say. Until next post,
when the lists are switched over to the new domain.


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web site:
gpg public key:
skype: gregn1
(authorization required, add me to your contacts list first)

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Free domains: or mail dns-manager at
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


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